Application Procedures

I can't get the score for the designated piece. What should I do?
Ask at our offices. They will explain how to acquire the score.

Video Materials

I can't record the designated piece. May I record another piece instead?
Pieces other than the designated piece will not be accepted for review.
I can't get an orchestra to record the video. What can I do?
Instrumentation that uses at least two pianos will be accepted for review.
Should the conductor be facing a certain way during recording?
We would prefer that the conductor be recorded from the viewpoint of the performers. However, both conductor and performers must be shown on the same screen.
May I send the video I record to you by e-mail (or any method other than regular mail)?
Make sure to record your video on the specified media (VHS, mini-DV, DVCAM or DVD) and send it together with your application. Please note that if the application and video are sent separately, we may not be able to accept them.

Compositions of Choice

May I perform a concerto as my compositions of choice?
Compositions of choice are limited to symphonies and orchestral works that do not include choirs or solos (instrumental or vocal). If you have questions regarding the use of a special instrument not listed in "Notes on the Composition", please inquire at our offices.


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